"Dear Fellow Jews,

This website is incredible!!

Rabbi Phillips masterfully delivers a story 

with such rich detail, it makes it come alive!


Whether he is sharing a story from Tanach or a story of the Baal Shem Tov, your children will not ONLY hear an enchanting Torah true tale; Rabbi Phillips sprinkles real life lessons, practical halacha and powerful Hashkafa in every story."

Rabbi Moshe Levin

Bais Bezalel

Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you to Rabbi Phillips for the excellent stories, full of Torah, Avodah and Yiras Shamayim. Here at NakiRadio, we're proud to host the popular Jewish Bedtime Stories station, enjoyed by hundreds of listeners daily throughout the world."

Moshe Eisenberg

NakiRadio COO

To Rabbi Zalman Phillips

We would like to thank you and give you loads of Hakoras hatov for your amazing website jewishbedtimestories.com. You have recorded and uploaded (and keep recording and uploading) so many beautiful stories and parts of Tanach. They are all clearly recorded, and so many of them have important lessons in Yidishkeit that you try to emphasize. 
My kids (ages 2-9) love listening to them! It has become part of their regular routine as they go to bed. They decide on which story to begin with, but first they ask to check if there are any new recordings they hadn’t listened to yet…
I feel that this is such an easy and positive way for them to learn so many parts of Tanach, as well as to become filled with so many stories of the Rabei’im and Tzadikim which is so important for creating a strong foundation in Yidishkeit.
    Please continue with your amazing work, and Hashem should bentch you to have lot’s of success b’gashmiyus ub’ruchniyus!

    Thanks again!
    Tzali Laufer & family 

I just wanted to say Thank you for your stories, especially the ones in Yiddish, my kids listen to them every night before bed.

Thanks for sharing the stories...they are used nightly in Ghana :) "


Rabbi Noach Majeski

Shliach in Ghana, Africa

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